Lisa Reyna

Ethically representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions across the Denver Metro Area. I have a passion in the real estate industry and corresponding economy responsible for making Denver's market one of the s...

Cell: 970-581-7034

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Welcome to Your  Real Estate Search Platform! 

Here you can search for your home, save your favorite properties, and browse the wonders of the real estate market (as we all love to do!)

So please, have a look around, and feel free to contact me in regards to any questions you might have about specific properties, geographic areas, the market, appreciation rates, HOA rules, you name it, there is no question too mundane  -- and I (being a total real estate geek) am here to help and utilize as your resource!

A bit more about me and my background?

Ah we all like to know the details – so let me fill you in.

I grew up in Colorado (for the most part) spending eleven years residing in Fort Collins before attending the University of Colorado, Boulder where I received a degree in Psychology and emphasis in Entrepreneurial Business. After a bit of time traveling and seeing a few wonders of the world, I left Boulder to make myself at home in the thriving city of Denver, Colorado – a place I could not be more excited about living.

Denver is an incredible city in not only the fact it boasts 300 days of sunshine and overlooks the majestic Rocky Mountains (providing for some of the best year round mountain sports and outdoor adventures), but also in the essence that it is truly a city #livingitsbestlife while becoming one the most diverse and progressive economies in the country. It’s no wonder so many people are moving here each day.

Who do I work with? YOU.

I truly love all types of buyers and sellers – I come from a background of hospitality and psychology, what I hope is a strong enough indication that I have a passion for people and affinity for building relationships. It's what I live and work for.

Who are my clients?

First time home buyers: Some of my favorite and the most rewarding clients. Nothing is more exciting (or daunting) than buying your first home and investment vehicle -- and I could not be more honored to be apart of that journey. I not only understand and appreciate the magnitude of what this means, but am well versed in the steps of buying and the loan approval process. I pride myself of my ability to educate my clients on the home buying process while breaking things down into easily conceptual steps. I prioritize effective and efficient communication.

Investors: Yes, I love the nerdy acronyms of ROI, ARV, LTV -- and have shamelessly listened to over 200 Bigger Pockets podcast episodes. Brandon Turner is one of my favorite radio celebrities and Robert Kiyosaki my favorite authors with 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and phrases such as  'make your money work for you' and 'don't work for you money'. That being said, I enjoy number analysis and seeing a good deal come into fruition whether that be a buy and hold investment property or a quick turn around fix and flip. 

City Dwellers: My bread and butter. For those of you that want that 'turn-key, worry free' condo lifestyle while enjoying urban living, condos provide an (often) affordability factor that allows for proximity to the city, a high walkability factor, and built-in community. With all good things, the caveat here comes with another set of specialized real estate vernacular. HOAS, special assessments, cash reserves, covenants and bylaws, owner occupancy rates, are things that must be kept in mind when purchasing a condo -- but not to worry as this is part of my real estate 'geekness' as we will make sure your condo investment is a sound investment.

Where I work? All over the place.

Although I focus in the Denver metro area,  what can I say, I'm a real estate agent and have developed a love for driving (and podcasts). That being said, my last listing was as far south as Colorado Springs and I find any excuse I can to go west to my old stomping grounds of Boulder and surrounding areas (Louisville, Lafayette, Gunbarrel). I do also have a rental property in Fort Collins and make my rounds north there now and again as well.

My true love and expertise reside in the inner neighborhoods of Denver. Like I said, I love city life the neighborhoods within including Cherry Creek, Congress Park, Wash Park, Cheeseman Park, Congress Park, City Park (we're seeing a trend here), Hale, Mayfair, Park Hill, Skyland, Whittier, Rino, Governor's Park, Baker, South Broadway, Santa Fe, Villa Park, Barnum, Highlands, Lohi, Berkeley, Sunnyside, Union Station, Downtown -- did I miss any? Likely, and don't worry, your not out of the loop if you haven't heard of half these places, as some are of higher importance to only the mailman and the people living there. With that, each niche neighborhood entails its own unique character traits and communities; and there ends up being a perfect place for everyone.